Lovely Fate hosts intimate and artful BDSM play parties in the Los Angeles area.   We celebrate the many facets of kink with unique themes, featured performances and interactive scenes.  Our events are for members and invited guests only, in order to maintain the warm, safe and uninhibited atmosphere that we have worked hard to create.  To request an invitation to an upcoming event, click here.


What happens at Lovely Fate parties?

Our events are a unique blend of BDSM play party with aesthetic, interactive performances and sensory surprises.  Each event is created as unique work of art, designed by our team to stimulate the senses and immerse you in our dark, sensual world. There will be interactive scenes, as well as equipment and space for you to do your own BDSM scenes if you would like.

Who runs the events?

Lovely Fate was created by a group of friends in the Los Angeles kink community, who wanted to create a unique, upscale BDSM experience.

Who can attend?

For non-members, there are two ways to attend:

-A member can bring you along to an event as their guest

-You can request an invitation through this web site.  We do curate guests in order to maintain the safe, warm and elegant atmosphere of our events that we have worked hard to create, which is why we ask for a profile link that we can check out (FetLife, Insta, FB, Twitter etc).  Generally, anyone who is kink-positive, open minded and good company can generally attend as a guest – subject to space limitations of our venues.

I’m new to BDSM.  Can I come?

Yes.  While many of our members and guests have been into kink for some time, we welcome new people as long as they are genuinely interested in BDSM.

Will I be expected to participate / play?

No. While you are free to participate in interactive scenes (within the given guidelines) and play in your own scenes, you certainly are not obliged to. Guests can simply socialize and watch if they would like to.

Will I be safe at an event?

Yes. All play must be safe, sane and consensual. We use a universal safeword and our DM will monitor scenes.

I’m a Femdom / Maledom / femsub / malesub / gay / lesbian / bi / trans / gender fluid.  Can I come?

Yes.  Our events are open to all genders, orientations, identities and roles.  If you are kinky, you are welcome.

What kinds of scenes can I do

We love BDSM! Bring on the bondage, power exchange, impact, roleplay and all that other kinky fun stuff.

Any rules around play?

No pay-for-play. Rules around edge-play will be posted at the venue.

Where are the events?

Our venue is in Culver City, Los Angeles.  The address is provided to guests along with tickets.

How can I become a member?

Once you have attended at least one event as a guest, you can apply to become a member.